In 1971 U.S. currency abandoned all ties to gold or silver backing. Dozens of charts illustrate the damage.

Governments love central banking. Central banks such as the Federal Reserve allow governments to promise more goods and services for less direct taxation. Through central banking, governments can expand and … Read More

America’s Courts have Collapsed as Venues for Holding Government Accountable: 9th Circuit Just Ruled that COVID trial suspensions do not violate Speedy Trial.

San Francisco. May 3. A 3-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has held that inmates may be held indefinitely awaiting trials due to the government’s convenient … Read More

Mercatus Center: regulations have made Americans significantly poorer since 1980

Washington, D.C. George Mason University. Economic scholars at the Mercatus Center have completed a wide-ranging study of the impact of government regulations on the economy. Using a 22-industry dataset that … Read More