FBI gets court permission to seize a small number of safe deposit boxes, proceeds to search and seize cash and valuables from hundreds of innocent box holders

Los Angeles. The FBI appears to have exceeded the search warrant approved by the court, which prohibited snooping on the box contents except to “identify their owners in order to … Read More

Louisiana cops strip-searched a minor in public, then entered the family’s home without warrant with guns drawn, and now seek to jail a Virginia law professor who shared the public video

East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Thomas Frampton, associate professor of law at the University of Virginia, has been notified that Louisiana prosecutors are seeking to jail him for “contempt of court.” … Read More

Another unconstitutional domestic surveillance agency has been discovered: the “Investigations and Threat Management Service” (ITMS)

Washington. May 20. Whistleblowers are reporting that the U.S. Commerce Department–the massive federal cabinet responsible for administrating the U.S. Census–has secretly developed a secretive spy agency, the “Investigations and Threat … Read More