Tony Heller: NOAA is INCREASING its temp data tampering

Cheyenne, WY. May 2021. The great science data analyst Tony Heller–who has broken many stories regarding government deception and climate doomsday exaggerations–dropped a bombshell recently. The government’s temperature data manipulation has INCREASED recently in order to exaggerate the global warming hoax.

For years Heller has carefully compared OLD government temperature data sets (many of which were graphed and published in journals, books and magazines) with NEW government temperature data sets. Heller has shown that the US government’s National Oceanic and Aerospace Administration (NOAA) has been adjusting the records to make the past cooler than it was measured and to make the present warmer than it is measured. The obvious purpose of this data tampering is to promote the government’s catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 message.

NOAA and NASA are custodians of the US government’s temperature data. Heller has shown that in recent years, NOAA appears to be applying an algorithm which ‘adjusts’ temperature data to match CO2 levels in the atmosphere. (CO2 levels have been gradually rising due to a combination of reasons which includes human combustion of oil, gas and coal.)

But actual, real-world temperatures are going down. Heller says that NOAA has been adjusting its algorithm in the past year to INCREASE the alteration of temp data. View the data here. Watch the video here.

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