Louisiana cops strip-searched a minor in public, then entered the family’s home without warrant with guns drawn, and now seek to jail a Virginia law professor who shared the public video

East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Thomas Frampton, associate professor of law at the University of Virginia, has been notified that Louisiana prosecutors are seeking to jail him for “contempt of court.” Frampton’s offense? Sharing 2020 body camera footage of an East Baton Rouge traffic stop in which 5 cops strip-searched a minor (upon a claim they smelled marijuana) and then forcibly entered the family’s home with guns drawn without a warrant. (The video footage was available publicly and had been published by Reason Magazine.)

In their effort to intimidate a law professor a thousand miles away, Louisiana authorities cite a Louisiana state law that prohibits disseminating “records and reports” relevant to juvenile court proceedings.

Such a proceeding doesn’t exist. The minor in question was never brought into any court proceedings. (The minor’s 23-year-old brother, also strip searched in the incident, was briefly prosecuted for possessing a firearm while on probation for possession of oxycodone. That charge was dismissed by a federal judge who berated the police for their “serious and wanton disregard for [the Green family’s] constitutional rights.”)

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