Yet another poll suggests MAJORITY hold the forbidden opinion that 2020 election was stolen

Trump was resoundingly defeating Biden at midnight on election day. Then six states stopped counting. In at least one case (Georgia), election officials sent election observers home, falsely claiming all ballot processing had ended for the evening. The following morning, five of the six states claimed large dumps of Biden votes had switched the winner from Trump to Biden.

Atlanta. April 30. CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and all other “mainstream” (government-supported, government-supporting) news outlets have steadily pushed the claim that Donald Trump’s claim that Democrats in six large cities stole the 2020 election is “the Big Lie.” Youtube bans all videos challenging the legitimacy of Biden’s election (including Trump’s speeches and sworn testimony of witnesses before committees of legislatures and Congress). Twitter and Facebook also ban most posts challenging the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

But polls of voters show the majority hold the forbidden opinion. A new CNN poll conducted by SSRS found that 70 percent of Republicans didn’t think Biden legitimately won. Only 23 percent of Republicans said Biden did legitimately win. The poll, taken between April 21 and 26, sampled 1,004 U.S. adults by phone.

CNN appears to be concealing the precise details of the poll. ( arrives at its conclusion by extrapolating CNN’s “70 percent of Republicans” statement with estimates derived from prior polling of Democrats and Independents.) (CNN released its snippets of information in a story about GOP Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas calling for the GOP to “move on”.) A previous Rasmussen poll produced similar results and established that a large percentage of Democrats also hold the forbidden opinion.

UPDATE: CNN has posted another story about its elusive poll. CNN claims that 97% of Democrats believe Biden was legitimately elected, and that this–combined with just 30% of supposedly misguided Republicans–yields a total of 65% who believe in the legitimacy of the 2020 elections. Antigovernment News challenges CNN’s 97% claim. The claim is inconsistent with most other polling, including the Rasmussen poll which recently showed 30% of Democrats and 51% of independents question Biden’s election.

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