Reporting jab side effects requires a 30-minute effort and disregarding numerous arrest warnings

Dr. Peter McCullogh’, one of the world’s foremost authorities on SARS Covi 2 (the alleged pandemic coronavirus) has provided an in-depth interview. McCullogh is likely the most published and referenced scholar on the pandemic. McCullogh is also an active working physician who treats patients in Texas.

McCullogh said that since the beginning of the alleged pandemic, doctors were told and warned not to try to treat virus patients. The only government-approved response for patients was to isolate them or hospitalize them and place them on ventilators. The entire medical profession, he said, was made to simply await the development of vaccines. (In some medical systems, doctors were threatened with arrest if they tried to treat such patients.)

Although McCullogh has prescribed the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to 70% of his patients, new startling news of side effects now makes him pause. McCullogh indicates he will no longer prescribe the vaccines, due to the deadly side effects. Already there are 4,000 Americans dead after taking the shots. In Europe there are 10,000 dead on Days 1, 2, or 3 after receiving the jab.

McCullogh indicates that the government VAERS side-effect-reporting system probably UNDERREPORTS the true extent of side effects. At 1:43:00 of the video interview, McCullogh says that the VAERS system requires a doctor to enter data for a half-hour, on many pages of forms. There are constant warnings to doctors that they may face punishment and even imprisonment if they fill out the forms wrong.

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