In 1971 U.S. currency abandoned all ties to gold or silver backing. Dozens of charts illustrate the damage.

Governments love central banking. Central banks such as the Federal Reserve allow governments to promise more goods and services for less direct taxation. Through central banking, governments can expand and appear to be a “good deal” to taxpayers. Most of the increased spending on goods and services is hidden, in the form of debts to be paid in the future. Ultimately, every fiat currency becomes devalued; and its value goes to zero while the poorest market participants are left holding the bag.

A website called WTF Happened In 1971? provides dozens of charts and graphs illustrating the damage to the working poor since the dollar was unlinked from silver in 1971. In general, workers and small businessmen have suffered while paper pushers, big businesses, government officials and investors have benefited.

In general all layers of society grew wealthier together throughout American history prior to 1971. Income gains were generally shared among the upper, middle, and lower classes. But when the dollar was disconnected from gold silver or other backing, money flowed more consistently into the accounts and coffers of the upper classes.

Administrators have benefited more than hands-on workers. Those with trusts, debt and banking relationships benefited more than those without debts.

Laws, regulations and rules expanded. Permits for working or performing services became more multifaceted and difficult to obtain. See here.

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