Ice in the Arctic is growing at record rates for the date; mainstream media is silent

Greenland. May 25, 2021. Total snow and ice mass in the Northern Hemisphere is now SETTING RECORDS for this date and is FAR above all measurements for the date since at least 1982. (Remember 1979 was a worldwide low-temperature year when TIME magazine and other sources predicted a new ice age and a consensus of scientists that the world faced catastrophic global cooling; many government climate-doomsday charts begin at 1979 or 1980 for this reason.)

GREENLAND’S ICE GROWTH is now shattering all recent records for this date. Sources are the Danish Meteorological Institute and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Yes these are the same sources that doomsdayists such as Al Gore, Michael Mann, Eric Holthaus, etc. use to make their arguments. Remember Gore’s 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth” movie (which won the Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize(!)) predicted the Arctic would be ice free by 2014.

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