2020 ‘pandemic’ produced NO major increases in life insurance claims or premiums and no major changes to funeral home activities

Winnipeg, Canada. May 30, 2021.  A VIRAL VIDEO making rounds on Twitter and Facebook features a young woman calling up funeral parlors in Winnipeg, Canada.  The woman asks people working at such funeral homes if they had experienced a major increase or change in the number of funerals during the 2020 ‘pandemic.’  The two funeral homes which gave a response indicated that there had been NO major increase or change in funeral activities.

Also last week a piece entitled “Life Insurance and Covid-19; Something Doesn’t Make Sence” by Jeff Harris was published in the Ron Paul Institute newsletter.  “You would think that during the worst Pandemic since the 1918 Spanish Flu life insurance companies would be hedging their bets to avoid major losses from Covid-19,” wrote Harris.  But “Imagine my surprise when [an industry insider] said it was pretty much business as usual!”

“I asked her specifically if life insurers wanted a Covid test as part of the underwriting process and she said none that she was aware of. Hmm, that’s pretty interesting isn’t it? The most lethal pandemic in decades descends on the globe with deadly mutations taking millions of innocent lives and the life insurance companies couldn’t care less.”

“I also asked if the cost per thousand of coverage had increased due to Covid and again she said no. Rates were pretty much the same as they were before the Covid Pandemic ravaged the earth. Life Insurance companies are very risk adverse. They don’t like losing money to unnecessary claims. The fact they’re treating Covid as a nonevent should be an indicator that something is very wrong with the whole narrative.”

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