Pro-government “mainstream” news suffers catastrophic loss of viewership

“Mainstream” news–that which is government supported and government supporting–has never been truly mainstream.

Journalist and author Matt Taibbi writes that ratings for “mainstream” news sources are plummeting.

“Trump transformed news into a ratings Krakatoa, combining the side-against-side drama of sports programming with the amphetamine urgency of breaking news.”

“Moreover, the Democratic Party’s response to Trump — which involved multiple efforts to remove him, premised on the idea that every day he spent in the Oval Office was an existential threat to humanity — allowed stations to turn every day of the Trump years into a baby-down-a-well story.” “Between the Mueller investigation, two impeachments, the Kavanaugh confirmation, multiple border crises, the “Treason in Helsinki” fiasco, and a hundred other tales, every day could be pitched as a drop-everything emergency.”

Now most so-called mainstream news venues are suffering double-digit-percentage drops in viewer traffic.

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