New York City dies under socialist lockdowns

Just 22 percent of New York City’s largest employers will require all workers to return to the office full-time when they do eventually go back, according to a new survey. 9 percent said they would not require workers to return to the office at all, and 4 percent said it would ultimately be role-dependent.

New York’s control freak government recently announced that weddings will now be allowed, so long as attendees have a negative COVID test and comply with other restrictions.

“Guests can dance only with members of their household or people seated at their table, the Post reported. And dancers must stay in their own “zones” — a “designated and clearly marked” area for getting one’s groove on — that is at least six feet from any other dancing zone.

Then there are the mask and contact tracing rules.

Masks are required at all time for all guests — unless they are both seated and eating or drinking.

And every guest is required to sign in at the wedding and provide contact information for tracing purposes.

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