Hundreds of anti-government protestors versus Thailand government

Bangkok, March 30. Hundreds of anti-government protesters gathered on Monday in defiance of government authorities who made mass arrests the day before.

On Sunday, nearly 100 demonstrators were detained for breaching public health measures against the coronavirus.

“The mostly student-led movement has taken aim at the military for entrenching its role in civilian politics, especially since Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha seized power in a 2014 coup when he was army chief.”

The activists say elections held in 2019 were corrupt. Gen Prayut and his coalition government allies say their reelection was free and fair.

Dozens of people have been detained at protests in recent months under disease control and public order laws, but Sunday’s protest represented one of the largest number of arrests at a single rally.

Additionally, at least nine leaders of the movement are jailed pending trial under a law against insulting the monarchy, which carries a maximum 15-year penalty for each count.

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