“Free Talk Live” radio show raided by FBI

Feds allege cryptocurrency advocacy is “money laundering”

“Free Talk Live” is a daily libertarian radio show based in Keene, New Hampshire. According to Wikipedia, the show is syndicated on some 200 radio stations around the U.S. FTL’s founder Ian Freeman has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Many crypto advocates believe the rise of crypto currencies will allow people of the future to hold and save wealth outside the control or knowledge of governments.

The U.S. government has been waging a war to destroy all privacy and anonymity in banking and currency transactions for decades. The U.S. DOJ previously destroyed most “Swiss” banking–in which Americans and people worldwide were able to save funds in anonymous accounts–by systematically prosecuting Swiss bankers and their American customers for tax crimes. In 2013 the DOJ prosecuted freedom activist Ross Ulbricht for “money laundering” and other allegations simply because Ulbricht launched a Craigs-List type website called the Silk Road which allowed for customers to transact affairs anonymously. Ulbricht is now serving a life sentence.

Last week, agents of the FBI raided two businesses associated with FTL and Mr. Freeman. “Freeman is accused of wire fraud charges, money laundering, operating a continuing financial crimes enterprise, and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business.” See here.

 It appears Freeman has been under federal investigation for half a decade. The indictment insists Freeman and the five others since 2016 “operated a business that enabled customers to exchange over ten million dollars in fiat currency for virtual currency, charging a fee for their service” through “websites, as well as operating virtual currency ATM machines in New Hampshire.”

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