More proof that Reuters and BBC are secretly government funded and directed

Throughout the years, many whistleblowers and leaked documents have proven that “mainstream” news–overwhelmingly government supporting–is also clandestinely paid for and directed by governments.

Now there are new leaked documents showing that both the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and Reuters News agency have been secretly paid by British intelligence agencies to push pro-government and anti-Russian narratives. The documents were apparently generated by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) between 2018 and 2020. The group “Anonymous” is credited with making the documents public. 

Of course the BBC is formally chartered by the British government. But Reuters has long presented itself as an unbiased source for news. But a “series of official documents declassified in January 2020 revealed that Reuters was secretly funded by the British government throughout the 1960s and 1970s to assist an anti-Soviet propaganda organization run by the MI6 intelligence agency.” 

Among the intelligence contractors bidding to participate in the UK FCO-funded Consortium were the Zinc Network and Albany Communications. As journalist Kit Klarenberg noted in a February 18 report on the recent FCO leaks, these firms “boast staff possessed of [security] clearances, individuals who previously served at the highest levels of government, the military and security services. They furthermore have extensive experience in conducting information warfare operations on London’s behalf the world over.”

Previously known as Breakthrough, Zinc has contracted for the UK Home Office to covertly implement media projects propagandizing British Muslims under the auspices of the Prevent de-radicalization initiative. In Australia, Zinc was caught running a clandestine program to promote support for government policies among Muslims.

Ben Norton reported for The Grayzone on Albany’s record of “secur[ing] the participation of an extensive local network of over 55 stringers, reporters and videographers” to influence media narratives and advance Western regime-change goals in Syria, while conducting public relations services on behalf of extremist Syrian militias funded by NATO member states and Gulf monarchies to destabilize the country.

“With the release of the UK FCO documents, questions must be raised about whether these esteemed news organizations are truly the independent and ethical journalistic entities they claim to be.” Reuters and the BBC are “apparent intelligence cut-outs feasting at the trough of a British national security state.”

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