Twitter removes hundreds of accounts for “undermining faith” in government military complex

Most Americans think big-tech platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are “liberal.” But these platforms are actually pro-government; some “conservative” content is actively pushed on the platforms. This week, Twitter … Read More

Prominent government climate scientist admits the public hasn’t noticed any climate “destabilization”

Professor Kayhoe: the problem is psychological; only “scientists” can detect the “destabilization.” LUBBOCK, TEXAS. Feb. 21, 2021. Texas Tech Professor Katherine Kayhoe is one of the loudest academic voices proclaiming … Read More

While antigovernment thought is increasingly silenced, “liberal” elites demand even more censorship—arguing for methods to enforce “shared reality”

New York Times applauds the “SIFT” method of research—to instill a reflex in readers to trust only government-approved sources. Older Americans may remember a time when self-proclaimed liberals supported freedom … Read More