False imprisonment: elderly woman goes to hospital for minor issue; hospital refuses to let her leave without a covid test.

Update: The hospital allowed her to leave after protesters arrived. Vancouver, WA. Jan. 29. An elderly woman named Gayle Meyer checked into her local hospital–Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital–reportedly with a … Read More

“The greatest rise in inequality since records began”–as governments seize near-total control over citizenry

London. Jan 25. World Economic Forum. In 2020, governments throughout the world imposed work, movement and entertainment restrictions of every kind on their subjects, dictating everything from gathering sizes to … Read More

Another tragic covid death: Canadian man freezes to death after shelter kicks him out to protect him from the virus

An indigenous Canadian man named Raphael Andre was thrown out of a Montreal homeless shelter due to government orders allegedly aimed at protecting citizens from covid-19. The man later froze … Read More